jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

James Lethbridge

James Lethbridge
encuentra su inspiración en la botánica,utilizando la estética orgánica de vidrio líquido caliente para construir objetos que cuestionan las relaciones tradicionales entre la escultura y la iluminación. Sus creaciones ofrecen al espectador una sorprendente interacción entre el vidrio y la luz.
Realiza objetos de ilumicación para particulares y empresas.

James Lethbridge:
"Drawing upon botanical sources of inspiration, I use the fluid organic aesthetic of hot glass to construct objects which question traditional relationships between sculpture and lighting. In visual translation they can be interpreted as strange or unreal botanical flora, - almost ‘alien’, and they provide the viewer with a stunning interaction between glass and light.

Seeking to take my work and aesthetic into the realms of exclusive and commercial lighting, interior design and site specific architectural installation, I am interested in the prospect of working with individuals and companies, with whom I can develop and explore my ideas and theirs."

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