martes, 30 de junio de 2009

Hogelandshoeve -colección de vidrio flamenco y neerlandes del s.20

es un gran proyecto de colección de vidrio neerlandés y flamenco de diseño en el siglo 20.
Frustrado por los pobres esfuerzos de los museos oficiales, este está destinado a convertirse en un recurso importante y ya está bien utilizado por los coleccionistas y comerciantes holandeses.La colección está abierta al público cuatro veces al año.
Pasear por su web es fascinante,tienen todo tipo de objetos de vidrio,tienen más de 3000 artículos en exhibición: jarrones, moldes, vasos, cuencos, ralladores,mantequeras, bandejas,copas,etc.
Venden piezas de vidrio,libros y catálogos.

lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Nirit Dekel

Nirit Dekel
es una artista israelí que encontro la inspiración en una instalación de
Dale Chihuly que se hizo en Jerusalem en el año 2000, ella quedo fascinada con la versatilidad del vidrio. Tomó un curso de lampwork y de ahí en más se dedica a realizar joyería en vidrio,su trabajo se vende en los museos y las galerías de alta gama de ropa en Jerusalén, Tel Aviv, Londres, Los Ángeles y Chicago.

Nirit Dekel
:"As long as I remember I was into art. I studied and practiced drawing, painting and jewelry and for years I kept it on a small (yet consistent) fire as a hobby. As I graduate university I was swept into the high-tech wave and had a career in one of the largest high-tech firms in Israel. With time I felt that I'm missing my main love – art & craft. As I saw Chihuly's exhibition at David's tower in Jerusalem's wall as part of the festivities of year 2000 it was like an alarm clock waking me back to life. I was drawn as magnet to the glass material and immediately fell in love with it. I'm fascinated by glass because I find it a manifold material. It's a daily life casual material yet has the ability of becoming delicate, refined and elegant and can be played with in an infinite possibilities. Glass has a sense of vitality. It's a living material evolving all the time that comes from nature and can merge back in to it. Glass beads are like people for me. It's like they have movement inside them. They look awake, moving, bubbling, winking, and restlessly jumping. There is no stability or fixation about them and each one is a bit different and has its own personality. Glass has an honorable part in the history of jewels and art objects and has had a peculiar role in the Mediterranean culture. For me it's a challenge to make my own mark and be a part of this ongoing way of preening."

domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

Sara Hornik

Sara Hornik descubrió el lampwork en noviembre de 2005 de manera casual. Tomo un curso con el talentoso y experimentado Amnon Gil Elbaz en Raphale, Tel Aviv. Quedo fascinado con la magia del mundo del color y forma, la transparencia y la luz, temperatura y gravedad y se enganchó al instante.
Desde entonces dejó su carrera de diseñadora de telas y se dedica a tiempo completo a las cuentas de vidrio.
Da clases y tiene en venta tutoriales en venta en formato e-book.
No dejen de visitar su blog.

Joia i Vidre

Video de Nutopía

sábado, 27 de junio de 2009

Ryan Gothrup


Ryan Gothrup
descubrió su amor al vidrio en el Indianapolis Art Center.Estudio con Ed Francis (reconocido artista del vidrio) durante 15 años.Su obra es muy variada.

viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

Melissa Calohan

Melissa Calohan
es una artista autodidacta.Su entusiasmo por trabajar con el vidrio comenzó en 1986 en Mystic, Connecticut, donde se unió a un taller en la elaboración de vitrales.Las libélulas fueron su inspiración y modelo. Las seductoras cualidades de los colores iridiscentes y la variación en el vidrio dicroico parecen una combinación perfecta para la imagen de estas maravillosas criaturas.
Mediante la combinación de vidrio fundido con metales y soldadura blanda,se propone esculpir un insecto que expresa un sentimiento de animación, forma elegante, brillante y de color. Con un sinfín de formas de los insectos en todo el mundo y una gran cantidad de materiales, herramientas y técnicas.

Melissa Calohan
:"My enthusiasm for working with glass began in 1986 in Mystic, Connecticut where I joined a workshop in stained glass crafting. In 1988 I moved to the San Juan Islands with my husband and two daughters. We set up a shop for glass and wood-working and this is where a wayward dragonfly became the inspiration and model for my first insect sculpture in stained glass. The intricate forms and iridescent colors of insects have long captured my imagination. I look at them in awe whether in the garden, under a microscope, or in the exotic collections of museums. The seductive qualities of color variation in iridescent and dichroic glass seem a perfect match for the portrayal of these marvelous creatures.
By combining fused glass with metals and soft solder, I aim to sculpt an insect that expresses a sense of animation, graceful shape, and brilliant color. With the endless forms of insects around the globe and a wealth of materials, tools, and techniques yet to explore.Devils Darning - Insect Sculpture I'll happily continue on this fascinating journey, knowing, in the words of Thomas Mouffet published in the 17th century, that the dragonfly "doth set forth nature’s elegance beyond the expression of art".

jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

Kait Rhoads

Kait Rhoads es una artista norteamericana que se dedica al vidrio desde el año 1989.
A dictado clases en las mejores escuelas de vidrio de EEUU y tienen su obra lugares como Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg, PA.,Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY.,Glasmuseum, Ebeltoft, Denmark.,Museum of Glass International Center for Contemporary Art, Tacoma, WA.,Toyama Institute of Glass Museum, Toyama, Japan.

Kait Rhoads
:"In my art-making I have always been attracted to color and pattern. When I discovered glass, I was drawn to its transparency and vibrant colors. Through time and exposure to other glass artist’s manner of working I came to see the vast potential of glass as a canvas for complex design. My color and pattern combinations are inspired by a reverence for nature. To render natural imagery such as feathers, seaweed, and cherry blossoms, I use the traditional Italian patterning techniques of cane and murrine. The fluid nature of the created line illustrates how obstacles can inhibit or enhance movement; this aspect of melting and fusing the colors infuses each piece with rhythmic movement and organic growth."

Anastasia Beads

:Es diseñadora gráfica que hace unos años comenzó a experimentar con el fieltro,la joyería, hasta que descubrió las cuentas de vidrio.

Anastasia:"Sometimes inspiration goes strange ways, and as I´m often asked, where I do get my inspiration from, here´s that little example. Usually it´s nature that inspires me...trees, flowers, rocks...landscapes and places I see while traveling. But sometimes inspiration sits in a completely unexpected place, just staring at me."

Makers Market - New York - 26-28 de junio 2009

Es un mercado al aire libre en el que se venderan productos como cristalería y joyas entre otros.

Socrates Sculpture Park

martes, 23 de junio de 2009

Dolores Barrett

Dolores Barrett descubre en el año 2002 su pasión por el vidrio. Anteriormente trabajaba la cerámica.
Las joyas que crea son de una terminación impecable,son verdaderas obras de arte.
No dejen de visitar su página.

Dolores Barrett
was born in San Mateo, California in 1961.
She pursued a career in music after attending Ventura College
and the University of California, Santa Barbara where she specialized in
orchestral and choral conducting. Dolores later became a full time
music teacher, pianist, and medieval music specialist
spreading her joy of the art to hundreds of students.

In 1999, Dolores discovered her talent for painting and began a career as a
fine porcelain artist. Her works have appeared at the prestigious
New York Yorkie Club as well as the Chicago Toy Spaniel Club
and other national kennel organizations.
While attending the International Porcelain Artist's convention in the
summer of 2002, Dolores was introduced to dichroic glass and its application
to ceramic bodies. The allure of art glass ignited a new passion in her work
and she soon devoted her energies to the evolution of glass adornment in both
its fused and laminated forms.

lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

Thomas Maras

Thomas Maras
es un enamorado del vidrio,junto a su esposa Rebecca crearon la empresa
Mara Glass, en la cual hay demostraciones diarias de vidrio soplado.

Thomas Maras:"Any particular day usually begins and ends with glass. Dancing with molten glass is customary, although the dance changes from one day to the next. The unlimited possibilities of the glass blowing process is challenging in itself.

What will I make today? And how about tomorrow?

Blowing glass requires skill and experience, as the process is very immediate. I enjoy working my glass hot. I have the freedom of transforming 2100 degree molten glass to a piece of art, ready for use the following day. Glass has a reflective quality unlike any other medium and I love the pure translation of color. Creating art is taking risks by defining something original from your perspective and skill. Glass-blowing is both my passion and my lifeline."

Michi Suzuki

Michi Suzuki
es una artista del vidrio de origen japonés que vive y trabaja en Francia desde hace 10 años.Trabaja con la técnica lámpwork.Realiza cuentas de vidrio que semejan agua cristalizada, puntillas, son maravillas las que hace con el vidrio.

Michi Suzuki
vit et travaille à Paris depuis bientôt dix ans. Son œuvre se situe à la croisée des chemins du Japon, son pays natal, et de l'Occident, deux univers artistiques et créatifs riches et exigeants.

Par la technique du verre au chalumeau, elle explore l'organique; minéral et végétal... navigant dans une nouvelle dimension : le nanomonumental.

Perles d'art, bijoux, objets...
autant de créations à découvrir sur ce site.