jueves, 29 de enero de 2009

Kari Russell-Pool

Kari Russell-Pool
es una artista estadounidense casada con Marc Petrovic, egresada en artes desde 1990, trabajan juntos en su taller interviniendo uno en la obra del otro.

Kari Russell-Pool:"My husband, Marc Petrovic, and I have been working as studio artists since our respective graduations from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1990, and 1991.

Marc makes pieces that are predominantly glass, but also contain wood and metal components. I invite you to checkout his web site at www.marcpetrovic.com. I am primarily a flame worker. I create form from pattern with a technique I developed on my own. Although Marc and I strive to retain our individual work and approach, we have collaborated to a greater or lesser extent since college. We each offer insight and suggestions on the other's work. Our collaborations most often incorporate Marc’s blown birds into my structures, but after years of bouncing things off each other, we each live in the other's work.

Somewhat unique to flame working, I melt and pull all my own glass rods from the same glass furnace that Marc sculpts his components. This allows a compatibility between the blown glass birds and the flame worked structures. This soft glass is seldom used by flame workers on a larger scale because of it’s inherent difficulties. This glass does not take the stress of torch work well, as would a borosilicate glass, but does allow a greater range of color variations, and the unique ability to be fused with furnace blown components.

My overall approach is one of a watercolor. Coloring with glass powders, and pulling my own glass rods, allows us an extraordinary control over color. By layering the color and manipulating the density, our hope is the flow between the blown and flame-worked glass appears effortless. In glass there is often a 'right' way to do things. I am more a proponent of the cowboy way. The cowboy way invites invention, and serves the master of the final result, rather than proper technique. I am proud to be called a craftsman, because craftsmanship underlies all I do, even if I am occasionally caught being an artist."

miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009

Marc Petrovic The Manifest Hope: DC gallery

Esta obra realizada por Marc Petrovic ha sido seleccionada y quedo entra las 15 obras
que se presentan en el marco del ManifestHope:DC gallery.

ManifestHope:DC gallery brilla un centro de atención de los artistas que usan sus voces para amplificar y motivar el movimiento de base que llevó el Presidente electo Barack Obama a la victoria. El espectáculo reunirá a un conjunto diverso de los más talentosos artistas visuales de EE.UU. bajo un mismo techo para marcar este logro monumental en la historia de EE.UU. y alienta a los artistas y activistas para mantener el impulso para lograr verdaderos cambios en los EE.UU.

Manifest HOPE: DC

The Manifest Hope: DC gallery shines a spotlight on artists who use their voices to amplify and motivate the grassroots movement that carried President-elect Barack Obama to victory. The show will gather a diverse array of the nation's most talented visual artists under one roof to mark this monumental achievement in our nation's history and encourages artists and activists to maintain the momentum to bring about true change in the U.S.

miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

Patricia Von Musulin

Patricia Von Musulin es una joyera que trabaja la madera y el vidrio entre otros materiales ,para sus creaciones.
Sus trabajos se pueden ver en las campañas publicitarias de las mejores marcas del mundo.
No dejen de ver su web.

Her early career, prior to her current involvement with fashion, was in the field of industrial design. Clients ranged from "The Metropolitan Museum of Art", for whom she created many of the reproductions of objects for the "King Tut" show, to Pierre Cardin for whom she helped design his automobile. She also had the privilege to work closely with the famous scientist and art restorer, Gustav Berger.

Creating a body of work known as much for its powerful originality and signature style as for its unique aesthetic ambition, Patricia von Musulin seeks to use her work to re-imagine the very idea of jewelry itself. Her collections employ a wide array of materials to evoke deep symbolism and psychological associations. Crystal-like transparency evoke the undulating currents of water, the source of all life. In contrast, the deep black tones of her "Ebony Collection" reflect our cultural fascination with "The Primitive"and the multiracial nature of contemporary urban life.

Her work is in the permanent collections of "The Metropolitan Museum of Art", "The Boston Museum of Fine Arts", "The National Museum of American History of the Smithsonian Institution" as well as "The Museum at the Fashion institute of Technology".

Although Patricia von Musulin lives a very international lifestyle, at home in Istanbul or Prague as much as New York, all of her designs are manufactured in New York City.

Patricia Von Musulin

sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

Aaron Gross

Aaron Gross conoció el vidrio soplado cuando asistió a la Escuela Superior de Arte de California, CCAC. Originalmente se propuso convertirse en un escultor / ceramista, pero pronto encontró su verdadera vocación, ser soplador de vidrio, una dedicación y talento que ha trabajado mucho para desarrollar.

Ahora mismo es un experimentado soplador de vidrio, que estira los límites de la artesanía en vidrio en su propio estudio, Austin Art Glass, desde 2003. Aaron abarca el trabajo de una amplia variedad de estilos y formas del Viejo Mundo incluyendo las técnicas y de alta tecnología con composiciones dicroicas. Se emplea una variedad de herramientas y técnicas que han estado en uso durante cientos de años en el arte en vidrio.

Aaron Gross became acquainted with glassblowing while attending the California College of Art, CCAC. He originally set out to become a sculptor/ceramicist, but soon found his true calling to be a glassblower, a devotion and talent which he worked hard to develop. While still in Art school, he worked for the renowned Union Street goblet factory in Oakland, CA. His devotion to glass kept him continually under the tutelage of, and in cooperation with, a long series of glass masters.

Now himself a veteran glassblower, he continues to stretch the boundaries of glass craftsmanship at his own studio, Austin Art Glass, since 2003. Aaron’s work encompasses a wide variety of styles and shapes including Old World techniques and high-tech dichroic compositions. He employs a variety of traditional tools and techniques that have been in use for hundreds of years in glass art. He particularly enjoys creating glass with 12th to 14th century Venetian aspects as well as more modern, contemporary styles.

Aaron Gross

lunes, 12 de enero de 2009

Melanie Moertel

Melanie Moertel nació en el año 1976 en Erlangen,Alemania y actualmente vive y trabaja
en Bamberg.Su anterior trabajo era de diseñadora gráfica,desde el año 2003 realiza cuentas de vidrio.

Melanie Moertel was born in 1976 in Erlangen/Germany and lives now as a full time lampworker in Bamberg. Her previous career was working as a graphic designer before she turned into doing glass beads in 2003. She works on a bobcat in her own studio in her appartment and makes her living out of selling beads and teaching lampworking.

Melanie Moertel

sábado, 10 de enero de 2009

Formfire Glassworks

Amy Holms:"Mi educación y el trabajo profesional en el diseño arquitectónico han jugado un papel importante en la evolución de mi trabajo con el vidrio. Me interesa mucho i la estructura como en la forma, y me esfuerzo por crear un diseño que sea tan elegante como funcional.

Cada uno de mis trabajos es realizado a mano con vidrio italiano, alemán y americano. Todo el trabajo se templa en el horno para asegurar sus duración y se termina con una pulidora diamantada y así queda listo para su uso.
He estado haciendo joyería durante aproximadamente 15 años, y he hago lampworking desde 2007.Actualmente doy clases de lampwork,en los niveles inicial e intermedio.

Formfire Glassworks

miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009

Kristin Perkins

Kristin Perkins trabaja con metal desde el año 1984 y en el año 1999 incorpora el vidrio a sus trabajos.Cada cuenta de vidrio se realiza con la técnica lampwork. Trabaja con vidrio italiano y con Bullseye.

Kristin Perkins "I discovered my love for creating jewelry while in high school in 1984 when I took my first class in jewelry design, focusing on metal fabrication.
Through the years, I explored a variety of styles and techniques while developing a particular fondness for incorporating beads into my work.
In 1999, as a birthday gift, my father paid for a series of glass blowing lessons for him and me to try together. I had always been inspired by the colorful, shimmering blown glass displayed in local galleries. I immediately fell in love with working molten glass. As my obsession with glass grew, I was eager to find a way to work with glass in as much of my spare time as possible.
Lampworking, and the ability to incorporate glass beads into my jewelry designs, became the perfect way to combine my two favorite media.
My contemporary style is inspired by the natural beauty of glass and my belief that its fascinating properties should be the focus of my work. By making glass beads in clean, colorful geometric shapes and keeping my metalwork clean and simple, I strive to create jewelry that makes a statement with vibrant color and bold design, yet is easy to wear every day."

Kristin Perkins