domingo, 19 de julio de 2009

Emma Varga

Emma Varga
es una artista del vidrio que nació en Yugoslavia y desde 1995 vive y trabaja en Australia.
Ella realiza esculturas en vidrio con una técnica que desarrolló que le permite capturar tridimensional acuarela-como las imágenes en vidrio transparente. Para hacer crear estos objetos,son laminas de vidrio transparente y de color. Estas múltiples capas de vidrio se funden juntos y luego deben pulirse.

Emma Varga
is born in Ada, former Yugoslavia and lives in Australia since 1995. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in glass design and ceramic sculpture.

The technique she developed allows her to capture three-dimensional aquarelle-like images in transparent glass. To make these objects she cuts thousands of glass elements from clear and transparent coloured glass sheets according to a three dimensional plan. These multiple layers of glass are then fused together and later ground and polished.

Her work is included in numerous museums including the National Glass Collection Wagga Wagga Australia; Australian Art Trust, Melbourne; Palms Spring Art Museum, USA; Glassmuseum Ebeltoft, Denmark; Glasgalerie Immenhausen, Germany.

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