miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2008

Eileen Gordon y Grant Donaldson

Esta pareja de artistas que se dedica desde hace ya muchos años a trabajar el vidrio, crean verdaderas obras de arte.No dejen de ver su web.

Eileen Gordon:"My passion for colour and form as a fused glass artist is greatly inspired by the environment of the Mornington Peninsula – the surrounding ocean, its sunrises and fabulous sunsets. ”

Grant Donaldson: "As a farmer I came to feel part of the Australian landscape - as a glass artist my work is a natural extension of that. I love the difficulties of working with glass, the dangers and thrill of exploration and experimentation - finding new and more challenging ways through the medium of glass blowing to express my feelings about the land ”

Eileen Gordon y Grant Donaldson

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