jueves, 21 de febrero de 2008

Fabienne Picaud

1- Arbres Timides 6 , Bleu ( The Bulb is made of Blown Glass, mirrored,the base is polished steel, nickel plated.
On the cradle of the base, Fabienne placed cast glass (anthracites - black)
The Stems (attached to the bulb, but removable from the base) are made of metal surrounded by a glass tube)
2- Levre (Lip) (Blown Glass; metal craddle)
3- Twin Empreintes (Blown Glass within Steel)
4- The Story of a Bubble (Blown Glass with Aluminum)

En "Mostly Glass Gallery" se realizará en los meses de marzo y abril una exposición de los trabajos de Fabienne Picaud .


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