jueves, 19 de marzo de 2009

Eric y Agnès Laurent

Eric Laurent
nació en 1959, Eric comenzó el aprendizaje del vidrio cuando trabajaba en la fábrica de vidrio en Allex a la edad de 15 años.Después de 7 años de trabajo como vidriero tradicional se especializó en soplado de vidrio y fundó su propio taller en 1991 con su esposa Agnès.

Vidrio soplado:sus creaciones de vidrio soplado se pueden distinguir por la riqueza de las decoraciones, los cordones de color de los cables como las plumas de aves paradisíacas,sus transparencias y la continuación en la forma de distintos materiales.

Eric y Agnès Laurent actualmente dan clases de vidrio soplado en Francia, realizan fascinantes esculturas de vidrio y piedra.

viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009

miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009

David Reekie

A diferencia de muchos de sus contemporáneos, la belleza intrínseca del vidrio tiene poca fascinación para Reekie, en su trabajo el material se pone al servicio de la narración y comentario.
Sus exploraciones de las obsesiones de la humanidad son únicos en el mundo del vidrio contemporáneo británico, que van de la comedia a la tragedia.

David Reekie

lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

Fran Staniland

Fran Staniland
: "I am a glass blower/designer and am currently running my own business having achieved an MA in Glass in 2007 and a BA in Glass and Ceramics in 2006 at the University of Sunderland.

My work is strongly influenced by my experiences and the freeblown sculptural vessels in my Ice Series have been inspired by the beautiful blues and whites I saw on the Columbian Icefields in Canada. My work uses thick glass which is cut and highly polished to highlight the refraction and reflection within each piece. Each vessel is very tactile and the clarity of the glass constantly reacts with the light.

I am constantly excited by the possibilities of glass. The uncertainty of the medium is stimulating with the pliable nature of the hot glass contrasting so much with the precise form of the cold glass. Glass is pure and for me captures moods which are held in layers. I create freeblown sculptural vessels. I add crisp cuts to emphasise contrasts and then allow the light to play over each piece for individuals to find their own inspiration from within."

domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Haley Haddow

Haley Haddow

Living in the emirate of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Haley Haddow at “The Glass Dominion” grew up in West London, United Kingdom, surrounded by a vast array of fashion, music, art and culture.

Her connection to art influenced by this eclectic mix is rooted in her fascination with colour, from early school days producing coloured schedules for friends and later in life, an interest in interior design encompassing furniture, fabrics, and textiles and now the medium of kiln-formed fused glass.

Haley discovered her passion for glass from visiting art galleries. This ultimately prompted her to undergo formal training in glass fusing, and from there she has gone on to explore various fusing techniques.

“Fused glass has become a new expression for me, enabling me to create textures and shapes that shout out to be touched, demand to be looked at, wrapped in a myriad of colour blends that trigger emotions, memories and are seductively inviting.

Colors often have different meanings in various cultures and living in the UAE has given me the opportunity to research this amongst my expat friends and colleagues. Design is a very important aspect of Arabic culture, exploring this using the medium of glass is both challenging and exciting.

My work incorporates bowls, plates, platters, vases and wall panels, showcasing a body of work that is a modern variation of the traditional idea of functional and non-functional glasswork.

It is both contemporary and unique."

Haley Haddow